Driving Basics: What To Know, What To Remember

Every Driver’s License test will of course have some variation, but for the most part, there are universal basics across all of them.  Here are some quick things to know and/or remember to do during your test.

The Basics

As always, you’ll want to be confident behind the wheel when taking your driver’s test. Remember to buckle in, adjust the front and side mirrors so you can see out of them,  adjust your seat to your needs, and get the car ready to go.

Drivers License Test Basics


During your test, keep an eye on your speed and the speed limit in the current zone.  Some instructors are tougher about this number than others, but as long as you keep within a few points of the speed limit in either direction, you should be fine. Don’t drive aggressively, but show confidence; the instructor won’t like it if you have to ask too many questions. Rather, react to how others drive and know the rules of the road.

Remember to keep your eyes on the road; no phone call or text is worth an accident.  Additionally, your instructor won’t let you pass if you’re easily distracted or crash the test car!

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