Obtaining Your Drivers’ License Pt. II: The Drivers’ Test

Hooray! The day is finally here; the one you’ve practiced and worked towards for months. It’s time to get your Drivers’ License. Cieca’s provides resources to help ensure you ace both the written and the driving test, but if you’re looking for extra advice, you’re in the right place! Here are some tips to help pass and get you on the road faster:

  • Have ID’s And Fees Ready.¬†The DMV is slow enough! Speed them (and yourself) up by having your Photo ID and any fees required readily available. If you cant’ produce the required documents right away, they may ask you to reschedule your license test, and nobody wants to do that!
  • Know The Rules-Following traffic rules when driving will get you licensed that much faster! Additionally, show you know what you’re doing on the License test if you don’t want to take it again.
  • Remember Your Appointment Time-If you are too late for your slot, the DMV will sometimes give your appointment away to the next person, so be on time.

With  these tips, you can ace your test the first time and start down the road to independence.

Drivers' License Test

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