The Rules For New Drivers: What Your Age Means On The Road

Getting a Drivers’ License is a big step in a young person’s life. They feel independence in a big way for the first time, and want to use this document to go wherever they wish whenever they wish. But, like any great power, there is responsibility attached to getting one’s license (thank you, Uncle Ben, for teaching us that!).

Drivers License

I’m speaking specifically about the responsibilities the law places on new drivers. Your age will determine what the law expects of you; new drivers under age 18:

  • Must comply with a curfew and stay out no later than 11 PM.
  • Cannot immediately drive others around and must wait at least 90 days after licensing.
  • Cannot help others learn to drive until they have logged a certain amount of hours while holding their license (can vary by state; please contact me for more details).

Additionally, if you violate these laws, you can get a “check” on your license. After enough “checks”, your state can legally revoke your license for months on end, or even an entire year.

You’ll also have to wait a given period before you can re-apply to get a license, and depending on age may have to start over with getting your permit again. Finally, there can be hefty fees included in addition to the costs of¬†undergoing the licensing process all over again.

Make sure you follow the rules if you don’t want to risk losing your independence! Your local DMV can usually tell you the specific rules for drivers under 18 in your state.



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