Driver’s License Test: Do’s And Don’t’s

Yay! Your time for taking the Drivers’ License test is finally here. You’ve been through countless appointments, paid all your fees, and aced all your tests. Now, there’s just one more challenge separating you from your independence: the Driver’s License test. Here’s a quick do-and-don’t guide for your big day to make sure you get your license as fast as possible:

  • Do make sure to follow all safety and traffic laws to the best of your ability. If you’re unsure, try not to show that to your instructor.
  • Don’t start or encourage incidents of road rage.
  • Do make sure your test car is ready by checking mirrors, buckling yourself and others in, and adjusting seats as necessary.
  • Don’t assume you have the right-of-way at an intersection or stoplight. Know the rules of the road and follow them so nobody gets hurt.
  • Do follow the speed limit as closely as possible. Some instructors may penalize you for being even a few points over or under the posted limit, so you should always pay attention to signs.

Follow these instructions, and you should have no problem acing your test and getting your license!

Driver's License Test


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The Drivers’ License Candidate’s Guide To Defensive Driving

The Drivers’ License Candidate’s Guide To Defensive Driving

If you’re taking or have taken Drivers’ Education, you already know that you’re supposed to drive defensively rather than offensively (IE reacting to others’ motions rather than causing problems by “getting back at people” for their bad driving). Here are some quick tips for those just beginning their driver’s license journey:

  • Know The Law of The Land. Whenever you arrive at an intersection, the car that was there first goes first. Trying to cut someone off because you’re in a rush might cause an accident. Know and follow the rules to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Don’t Do “Revenge Driving.” If someone else is driving aggressively, that’s no reason to stoop to their level. If you can do so legally and safely, try to get out of the way and let them pass. If not, just bide your time and follow all traffic laws until you can. There’s no sense in getting pulled over for someone else’s bad driving; they’re not going to pay your ticket for you!
Drivers' License Candidate Guide
Don’t be “That guy.”
  • Don’t encourage Road Rage.  This goes hand-in-hand with number two; don’t pick on innocent drivers, either.  Speeding ahead of someone or blowing through a stop sign won’t get you somewhere faster if you have to explain why to a police officer. Nothing is so urgent that it’s worth endangering your life or that of others.


Driving Basics: What To Know, What To Remember

Every Driver’s License test will of course have some variation, but for the most part, there are universal basics across all of them.  Here are some quick things to know and/or remember to do during your test.

The Basics

As always, you’ll want to be confident behind the wheel when taking your driver’s test. Remember to buckle in, adjust the front and side mirrors so you can see out of them,  adjust your seat to your needs, and get the car ready to go.

Drivers License Test Basics


During your test, keep an eye on your speed and the speed limit in the current zone.  Some instructors are tougher about this number than others, but as long as you keep within a few points of the speed limit in either direction, you should be fine. Don’t drive aggressively, but show confidence; the instructor won’t like it if you have to ask too many questions. Rather, react to how others drive and know the rules of the road.

Remember to keep your eyes on the road; no phone call or text is worth an accident.  Additionally, your instructor won’t let you pass if you’re easily distracted or crash the test car!

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The Drivers’ License Test: What To Expect

What To Expect On Your License Test

Whether you’re just getting your permit and eager to start, or are simply weeks away from your license test, you can benefit from this article.  It will help you know what to expect and be prepared for the test, so you can increase your chances of success.

The Basics

At the least, there are some fundamental building blocks you’ll be expected to know:

  • How to do a three-point turn (also called a K-Turn)
  • How and when to put on your seat belt, adjust mirrors, and make other technical preparations.
  • The appropriate speed to drive in a given condition, and how to control your speed so that you aren’t speeding or driving too slow.
  • The rules of the road, such as who goes first when, putting on your blinker to turn, and all-around etiquette.
  • Confidence on the road, parking, and backing in.

If you’ve mastered these techniques, you may be ready to get your license! The test is usually a few hours, and some of the challenges you face will be familiar if you’ve been out with an instructor before. For the most part, the instructor will just let you do your thing and not make too many comments or questions.

Don’t get nervous if you see the instructor making notes! Getting nervous can make you freeze, and the instructor often just has to check off items you’ve completed.  At the end of the test, it’s always good to ask for feedback regardless of whether you passed or not.

Drivers License Test

With these tips, you’ll be out of the DMV and on the road in no time! If you or your child have any questions about the drivers’ license test or the process of getting your license, please feel free to contact me.

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Obtaining Your Drivers’ License Pt. II: The Drivers’ Test

Hooray! The day is finally here; the one you’ve practiced and worked towards for months. It’s time to get your Drivers’ License. Cieca’s provides resources to help ensure you ace both the written and the driving test, but if you’re looking for extra advice, you’re in the right place! Here are some tips to help pass and get you on the road faster:

  • Have ID’s And Fees Ready. The DMV is slow enough! Speed them (and yourself) up by having your Photo ID and any fees required readily available. If you cant’ produce the required documents right away, they may ask you to reschedule your license test, and nobody wants to do that!
  • Know The Rules-Following traffic rules when driving will get you licensed that much faster! Additionally, show you know what you’re doing on the License test if you don’t want to take it again.
  • Remember Your Appointment Time-If you are too late for your slot, the DMV will sometimes give your appointment away to the next person, so be on time.

With  these tips, you can ace your test the first time and start down the road to independence.

Drivers' License Test

The Rules For New Drivers: What Your Age Means On The Road

Getting a Drivers’ License is a big step in a young person’s life. They feel independence in a big way for the first time, and want to use this document to go wherever they wish whenever they wish. But, like any great power, there is responsibility attached to getting one’s license (thank you, Uncle Ben, for teaching us that!).

Drivers License

I’m speaking specifically about the responsibilities the law places on new drivers. Your age will determine what the law expects of you; new drivers under age 18:

  • Must comply with a curfew and stay out no later than 11 PM.
  • Cannot immediately drive others around and must wait at least 90 days after licensing.
  • Cannot help others learn to drive until they have logged a certain amount of hours while holding their license (can vary by state; please contact me for more details).

Additionally, if you violate these laws, you can get a “check” on your license. After enough “checks”, your state can legally revoke your license for months on end, or even an entire year.

You’ll also have to wait a given period before you can re-apply to get a license, and depending on age may have to start over with getting your permit again. Finally, there can be hefty fees included in addition to the costs of undergoing the licensing process all over again.

Make sure you follow the rules if you don’t want to risk losing your independence! Your local DMV can usually tell you the specific rules for drivers under 18 in your state.



Earning Your Permit: What You Need To Know

It’s natural to have fear when approaching a new situation, especially if there are unknown elements. Getting your Learners’ Permit for the first time can be exciting, but also nerve-racking. That’s why Cieca’s is here to help you learn the in’s and out’s of successfully getting your permit. This post will guide you through the fees and paperwork the DMV requires for licensure, and tell you what to expect.

Going To The DMV

The DMV can be a scary place at times. Officers are not always patient,  but expect you to be, and you may have to deal with confusing terms and paperwork. Don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for!

You can go to the DMV without an appointment, but you likely won’t be able to take the test the day you’re there. If you can, get in touch with your local DMV early as slots sometimes fill up months in advance. Their website allows you to book appointments, or you can call or e-mail. To setup the appointment, you need:

  • A state-approved form of ID, such as a Photo or Military ID.
  • Your social security number.
  • A $59.00 fee paid at the time of scheduling.

When you go to your appointment, you’ll also want your Social and Photo ID readily available to avoid any delays. You may have to take a peripheral vision test before being allowed to take the Permit Test.

Permit Test

Taking The Test

You take the test by sitting at a computer and filling out multiple choice questions. Most tests are only about 10 questions, but it’s not uncommon for Drivers’ Ed students to review 20 or more in class since the content of the questions changes each time.

You cannot have your permit manual with you during the test. However, it is scored only by accuracy, not time, so there’s no rush.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, or need a new manual, you can always contact me.

Overcome Drivers’ License Anxieties

Like anything else, learning to drive can seem scary and involve taking risks you’re not sure you’re ready for. Cieca’s Drivers’ Ed program is designed to help you or your child overcome any fears they may have while preparing to become a licensed driver, including but not limited to:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Trouble remembering traffic rules
  • Fear of other drivers’ actions
  • Worry over passing tests or memorizing manuals
  • Help navigating the DMV’s procedures
  • Learning to drive in reverse, park, and make K-Turns.

We here at Cieca’s always want your student to feel comfortable inside the Drivers’ Education program and on the road. If you or your student have any concerns, you can always feel free to contact me.

Drivers' License

Additionally, you or your child can take home the Permit Test or Drivers’ License Test Manual along with other resources at no extra charge so you can practice at home.

Our driving instructors are also able to visit your house and take you or your student driving so they can feel confident and ready to go when their test comes.  To learn more about pricing, please visit the about page.


Obtaining Your Drivers’ License Pt. I: The Permit Test

Drivers’  Licenses are more than just laminated papers; they start you down the road to independence! If you want to be able to go where you want when you want, you’re in the right place. The Permit Test usually asks common sense questions, examples of which are listed below:

  • What do you do if a bus stops in front of you?
  • If you pull up to a three-way intersection after someone else, who goes first?
  • When is it illegal to pass another car?
  • What are five things you must do before starting to drive?

    Drivers' License

    Once you’ve aced the permit test, you will be one step closer to being a driver.You’ll next have to practice, and depending on the rules in your state may have to log a given number of driving hours, before you can apply to take the Drivers’ License test.  We’ll discuss more about that in our next post.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me.

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Fact of The Day

Texting while driving is one of the biggest killers of young drivers. Keep your eyes on the road!